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  • SteadyOptions - Options Trading And Education

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  • First, let kendrick lamarmixtape speak. Our trade alerts generated 452.9% ROI since inception.

    SteadyOptions is one of the top ranked Newsletters on Investimonials.

    There is a lot of hype surrounding options trading. Many people would like you to believe that trading options is easy and you can get rich quickly trading them. If this is your belief, you came to the wrong place.

    Here are some myths and misconceptions about options trading:

    - The only profitable way to trade options is buying calls or puts.
    - You should aim for at least 100% gain in each option trade, otherwise it is not worth the risk.
    - You can have many failed trades but a few big winners will cover those failed trades.
    - You can make thousands trading just 10 minutes per month.
    - Options trading is too risky and should be done only by professional traders.
    - Non-directional strategies offer very limited returns while still having sizable risks.

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    Want To Learn How To Treat Options Trading As A Business?

    Our strategies:

    The truth is that there are many ways to trade options. Retails traders can make money trading options, but they need to understand how options work. At SteadyOptions, our style is non-directional trading. We aim for steady and consistent gains with a high winning ratio and limited risk. Our focus is on trading Earnings-Associated Implied Volatility rise, Iron Condors, Calendar Spreads etc.

    Would you be comfortable to place your whole portfolio into just one strategy? Would you be comfortable trading just 2-3 Iron Condors or credit spreads? What if the market makes a big and sudden move?

    Unlike many other subscription services, we offer a complete portfolio approach. We don't send just few credit spreads or Iron Condor trades. Instead, we use a diversified approach by trading a mix of non-directional market neutral strategies and balancing the portfolio Greeks. You can expect a complete transparency. Our performance data is based on real fills, not hypothetical performance or "profit potential".

    Our goal is to make money in any market. We trade Implied Volatility, not direction.

    Why to Subscribe?

    - We will teach you how to treat options trading like a business and to profit from it.
    - We will show you how to use the Options Greeks to your advantage.
    - We will demonstrate how to be your own Risk Master.
    - We will show you why Risk Management and Position Sizing are the key to success.
    - We will share our trades with you.

    No hype and no guarantees to double your account.
    Our only promise is to provide you high quality education and actionable trade ideas at a very reasonable price.

    atithi tum kab jaogesong You won’t regret it.

    Contact us at info@SteadyOptions.com if you have any questions.

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    NEW - dragon ball gt gba rom free for conservative long term investors.

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